Feb 21

StoneRez HD Superior Resin Bound Surfacing

Feels great! Adbruf's newStoneRez HD resin bound surfacing can be blended using beautiful marble, glitter and sparkle!

Feels great! Adbruf’s new StoneRez HD resin bound surfacing can be blended using beautiful marble, glitter and sparkle!

Adbruf launched its new StoneRez HD Superior Resin Bound Surfacing at the UK Pool & Spa Expo NEC Birmingham in February this year.

StoneRez HD is a new paving system which has been developed specifically for swimming pool surrounds, patios and paths where creating the most elegant look and feel is essential.

The free-draining characteristics of StoneRez HD mean that it can conceal unsightly poolside drainage gullies and covers, leaving the surface of the swimming pool surround level and aesthetically pleasing.

A wide range of colours and textures can be achieved from the careful selection and blending of the components making StoneRez the perfect choice.

StoneRez HD is sold in packs consisting of thec orrect quantity of aggregate and resin.  Each pack will cover approximately 2.4m² at 25mm thick.

To discuss your project, contact us on +44(0)1963 362640 or email sales@adbruf.com.

Dec 13

Adbruf at Old Trafford

Aerial time-lapse of Old Trafford

Check out this great video of Old Trafford courtesy of Manchester United’s official carrier Aeroflot by clicking on http://www.manutd.com/en/News-And-Features/Club-News/2013/Nov/video-aeroflot-aerial-timelapse-film.aspx

The time-lapse video features a giant Aeroflot logo being applied to an area of over 2,600 square meters of car park, using Adbruf’s Colourplus product.

Colourplus is a solvent-based coloured road surface coating incorporating a UV stable modified acrylic resin and selected fine high psv aggregates.  Colourplus has been specially formulated for use in areas requiring colour demarcation in combination with effective friction for vehicular and underfoot safety.

Colourplus is resistant to fuel spillage and is lead free. It can be applied by spray, roller, brush or squeegee.
Colourplus is used by many major retail stores and shopping centres for marking designated areas in car parks such as disabled or parent and child parking areas.

  • Instant brightly coloured surfaces
  • High level of friction to reduce skid/slip
  • High opacity
  • Excellent adhesion to most surfaces
  • Full range of vivid UV stable colours
  • Easy to apply
  • Fast drying
  • Spray, roller, squeegee or brush application
  • Resistant to petrol or diesel spillage
  • Low cost

You can find more information regarding Colourplus by clicking on http://www.adbruf.com/products/colourplus-paint-coloured-coating-system-for-car-parks-roads.htm

Nov 21






For a limited period only Adbruf is offering great savings across their range of preformed thermoplastics.

About Preform

Adbruf’s Preform is a range of versatile preformed thermoplastic road markings used widely throughout the world.

Preform is available in a wide range of sizes, shapes and colours including standard lines markings colours and widths, standard horizontal single and multi-coloured highway symbols or any bespoke design such as sports or company logos.

Preform is factory–produced to form precision lines and shapes which simply could not be achieved by applying liquid thermoplastic by the hand-drawn method.  Preform requires no expensive application equipment.

Why Choose Preform

  • Easy to apply – requires only one person and a gas flame torch
  • Precise, consistent line and symbol definition due to ofof-site factory manufacture
  • Available in pre-cut lines, rolls, numbers, letters, symbols and multicoloured bespoke designs
  • Surface can be returned to use within minutes
  • Permanent – as good as conventional liquid-applied thermoplastic
  • Long lasting
  • White Preform includes highly reflective glass beads for high retroreflectivity.
  • Non-hazardous
  • Professional finish


New highway markings, highway utility reinstatements, car parks, footpaths, cycle paths, airports, offices and factories, ports, playgrounds, stations, hard sports surfaces and company logos.

You can see more about Preform by clicking onto:


To take advantage of this offer please contact us:

By email:     sales@adbruf.com

By Phone:   Our sales team on +44 (0)1963 362640

NB.  Offer ends 31 January 2014

Selection of our Preform range, showing the savings to be made,

Selection of our Preform range showing the savings to be made in our Winter Sale:

Nov 20


BBC DIY SOS camera crew with interviewing volunteer tradesmen working on fabulous new play area

Carlisle Clearline’s team laying tarmac in Sensory garden

pictures phil camera clearstone DIY SOS Peterborough 2  095.jpg (paint)

Phil and his team pictured with Chris Beardshaw, garden designer on this Children in Need project

Early stages of path copy

Carlisle Clearstone in the early stages of creating pathway in play area for the DIY SOS Big Build Special

Finished path-circle

The finished path and circle in ithe Sensory Garden, using Adbruf GeoPave












Our customer Carlisle Clearstone Driveways, answered the call for help from the BBC’s DIY SOS Children in Need Big Build Special this year for companies and tradesmen to give their time to help transform a children’s centre in Peterborough. Clearstone’s MD, Phil Cochrane, and his team, Gerry, Gordon and Jason, helped transform the garden using Geopave resin bound decorative surfacing donated by Adbruf.

Phil Cochrane comments: “At times there were over 500 tradesmen all on the same site. It was an amazing experience. We were working with the garden designer, Chris Beardshaw, as well as the rest of the DIY SOS team headed up by Nick Knowles – who were a fantastic bunch!

“Before the Big Build began, we visited the site so we could assess the amount of material, manpower and man-hours required to do the job. Once we had done this, we contacted Adbruf to see if they would donate their resin bound product, GeoPave, which they readily agreed to do. But before we could start laying the 320m² of Adbruf’s Golden Quartz and Autumn Gold GeoPave mixes, we had to do all the sub-base and lay the tarmac – we were really against the clock!”

“We were thrilled with the outcome. The whole place looks fantastic, and it was truly great to be part of such a wonderful event.”


Jun 25

New Product Launch – Diamond DF2

Diamond DF2

Diamond DF2 takes coloured coatings to a new level  Diamond DF2

Diamond DF2 incorporates cutting edge polyaspartic technology to provide class leading durability, UV stability and slip resistance.  The use of polyaspartic technology has resulted in an odourless, solvent-free system which is not only easy to apply but produces a coating which also dries and hardens rapidly to offer excellent slip and skid resistance.  Diamond DF2 also has weathering properties vastly superior to those of conventional 2K polyurethane or epoxy systems which means that Diaimond DF2 performs at very thin film thicknesses.  Diamond DF2 can be applied to boller or using 2K spray equipment.

Diamond DF2 is suitable for use in food storage areas.  Its solvent-free properties mean that food will not be tainted by its use.

Areas of Use

 Shops   Superstores

Adbruf Diamond DF2 HighwayAdbruf Diamond DF2 Highway (2)  Warehouses

  Distribution Centres


  Retail & Industrial Parks

  Car Parks     Hospitals

  Defence Sites     Airports

  Ports     Roads & Highways

  Footways      Cycleways      Play Areas

Features & Benefits Include:

Solvent-free, with no Volatile Organic Compounds     ◊  Fast drying to hard, durable finish

Odour Free   ◊   UV stable-colour will not fade and gloss will not be lost

Excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates   Extremely hard wearing

Available in a wide range of bright colours   Slip/skid resistant

Excellent weathering properties    Choice of application methods

Fuel & solvent resistant    Excellent opacity   ◊  Easy to apply


for further information, please contact us on 01963 362640 or visiit www.adbruf.com

Oct 04

High Performance Colour Coated Aggregates from Adbruf

Colourgrip Colour Coated Aggregates

Colourgrip Colour Coated Aggregates

For many years, Adbruf has been at the forefront of colour coated aggregate technology. Colourgrip is the name of its range of high performance colour coated aggregates which provide colour demarcation and grip on the highway. When used as the dressing in conjunction with a thermoset resin film such as Adbruf’s own Coldgrip range, Colourgrip produces a durable, colourful and skid resistant road surface.

Colourgrip manufactured using calcined bauxite aggregate can be used as a component of a high friction surfacing system which satisfies BBA HAPAS criteria. However, Colourgrip can also be manufactured using naturally coloured aggregates such as red and green granites. The coating enhances the natural colour of the aggregate.

The coating used for most Colourgrip products is an epoxy resin two component chemically curing system selected for its resistance to wear. This gives a balance of excellent durabilityand colour.

Colourgrip is used literally thoughout the world. It is currently being applied in London the Barclays Cycle Superhighways, an initiative by mayor Boris Johnson to promote cycle use throughout the UK capital. In order to meet the specification, a special aggregate coating had to be formulated in order to meet the durability and colour stability requirements of client Transport for London (TfL). Once done, ‘Colourgrip Cycle Superhighway’ underwent stringent tests to establish its colour durability and was approved for use. Colourgrip is used extensively throughout the USA and has even been used in Red Square, Moscow.

Adbruf offers a standard range of commonly requested colour and aggregate combinations but, over the years, we have accumulated the knowledge and experience to coat many other ‘specials’ using different aggregates such as quartzes and sands.

Just call us to discuss your needs. For further information, please contact us on 01963 362640 or Click here to visit our website

Jul 31

GeoPave Tree Pit Packs

GeoPave Tree Pit PacksGeoPave Bound Tree Pits Packs

Tree pits are an essential but sometimes problematic part of our urban streetscape. The trees lining our streets add an important dimension, softening what is often an otherwise harsh environment. Trees have to be able to grow and to have access to water but, all too often, their bases become a trap for litter and a magnet for dog mess which becomes a health hazard.

Adbruf GeoPave resin bound aggregate provides a solution to these issues. For a small cost, a tree pit can be constructed which provides room for tree trunk expansion, a surface which is flush with its surroundings so it doesn’t trap litter, dog mess or other detritus, and which is free draining. By the careful selection of natural aggregates, GeoPave tree pits will enhance the appearance of the surrounding urban environment.

GeoPave resin bound aggregate used for tree pits typically requires the use of larger nominal sized aggregates than those used for ‘normal’ resin bound aggregate surfacing. Because of this and the fact that it will not be subject to heavy loads, less binder is normally required to hold the aggregate particles together. Adbruf provides a solution tailored to this need in the form of GeoPave Tree Pit packs. At 4kg in size, compared with 6.5kg for a surfacing pack, GeoPave tree pits are optimised for 100kg mixes using 10mm nominal size aggregates (i.e. passing a 10mm sieve but retained on a 6mm sieve). Each 100kg mix should cover approximately 1.2m² at 50mm thick based on a gravel aggregate although this will vary depending on the bulk density of the aggregate used.

Using GeoPave to create a tree pit is quicker, more functional and far more cost effective than doing so using alternatives such as cast iron grilles. It requires little equipment and many different colours and textures are possible using a range of aggregates.

Jul 31

Adbruf launches 2 new line marking paints

Clearline Plus & SPE Examples

For many years Adbruf’s Clearline chlorinated rubber line marking paints have been synonymous with quality and cost effectiveness. Now, after listening to you, our customers, and taking your comments on board, we are delighted to launch two new line marking paints.

Clearline Plus

Clearline Plus is our new chlorinated rubber line marking paint. It takes over from Clearline and incorporates improvements over it, specifically its higher opacity (hiding power) and its improved rheology (its flow measured over different conditions). We believe that Clearline Plus is now the best CR paint on the market in terms of application properties and performance. Clearline Plus is currently available in white, yellow, red, blue, green and black. Prices for Clearline Plus were included in our recent quotes to you.

Clearline SPE

Some contractors prefer single pack epoxy line marking paints for their ease of use and their durability. We are pleased to launch Clearline SPE as our new single pack epoxy  line marking paint to satisfy this demand. Clearline SPE is fast drying, highly durable and resistant to chemical attack.

Please contact us for quotations. Delivery will be by trusted carrier and charged at the lowest practicable cost to you. Normal deliveries are made every weekday.

Both Clearline Plus and Clearline SPE are formulated to be applied by spray machinery to give crisply defined lines but they can also be applied by brush or roller. If reflectivity or enhanced slip/skid resistance is needed, appropriate glass bead or aggregate dressings can be applied to the wet surface after application. Both paints are ideal both outside on roads, runways, car parks, playgrounds and sports courts and also inside in factories and warehouses.

For further information on both products or to order, please either visit our website www.adbruf.com , contact us by email on sales@adbruf.com or call us on 01963 362640

Jul 31

Coldgrip BBA Type 1 High Friction Surfacing

Coldgrip BBA Type 1 High Friction SurfacingColdgrip High Friction Surfacing

The specification of high friction surfacing (HFS or ‘anti-skid’) in the UK is covered by Clause 924 of The Specification for Highway Works. Clause 924 requires that all high friction systems must be BBA/HAPAS certificated. HAPAS (The Highways Authorities Product Approval Scheme) now regulates many highway products and systems that are not covered by other standards.

The BBA/HAPAS HFS scheme has 3 system classifications, Types 1, 2 and 3 with Type 1 being the highest performance classification. Systems generally fall into two generic types – hot applied and cold applied. Both have their strengths and weaknesses. The original high friction surfacing systems were cold applied and they are still accepted as being the best in terms of system performance and service life.

Coldgrip BBA from Adbruf is a cold applied BBA/HAPAS Type 1 certificated high friction surfacing system based on a polyurethane hybrid resin system and using calcined bauxite as the high friction aggregate. Coldgrip BBA has a proven record and its BBA/HAPAS certificate has been held for 10 years. The key advantages are that:

  • No specialist equipment is needed to mix and apply Coldgrip BBA
  • No odours or harmful fumes are generated by Coldgrip BBA
  • Coldgrip BBA is derived from biomass raw materials
  • Once applied, Coldgrip BBA has a consistent, pleasing appearance – it has no transverse joints like hot applied systems
  • Coldgrip BBA has a low build-up differential as it is applied more thinly than hot-applied systems
  • Coldgrip BBA can be applied at low road temperatures and its cure can be accelerated
  • Coldgrip BBA is easier to apply than hot applied systems where site conditions are problematic Both the Coldgrip BBA resin system and the calcined bauxite dressing can be ordered in a range of colours
  • Coldgrip BBA has a long service life
  • Coldgrip BBA has positive cost/benefit both in terms of accident reductions and when compared to other HFS systems

These important advantages make Coldgrip BBA ideal for use by both local authority and private highway maintenance organisations alike.

We are seeking interest from organisations and companies throughout the UK in becoming BBA/HAPAS approved applicators for Coldgrip BBA Type 1. We believe that the benefits of Coldgrip BBA Type 1 to the client combined with the low entry costs to you combine to make make a strong argument for adding it to your portfolio of services offered.

For more information, please contact us.

Jul 31

SuDS and GeoPave Resin Bound Surfacing

SuDS and GeoPave Resin Bound Surfacing

SuDS* or Sustainable Drainage Systems is the name given to a number of measures aimed at reducing the amount of surface water runoff generated after precipitation. Our increasingly urban environment has been designed to remove water from surfaces quickly but this has shifted the problem from the surface to downstream into our sewers and rivers and is responsible for much of the ‘flash flooding’ we have experienced in recent years.

SuDS comprises a number of components such as preventative measures to prevent leaks, the creation of green roofs, filter drains, ponds and wetlands and others. One of the important components is the provision of GeoPave Resin Bound SuDs Systempervious surfaces which allow rainwater to drain through them into the underlying construction or soil.

Schedule 3 to the Flood and Water Management Act 2010 requires construction work with drainage implications to have its drainage systems for managing surface runoff (including rainwater, snow and other precipitation) approved before construction may begin. A SuDS Approving Body (SAB) will be established in unitary or county local authorities to approve and, where appropriate, adopt SuDS. The Act requires the Minister to publish National Standards on the design, construction, operation and maintenance of SuDS. In order for drainage applications to be approved, the SAB must ensure that the applicant has designed the SuDS in accordance with the National Standards. Once approved, the SAB must adopt and maintain those SuDS that are functioning properly and serve more than one property.

Clearly, any future building or construction work must demonstrate compliance with SuDS through the incorporation of SuDS components into the design. In terms of the sheer area concerned, the provision of pervious surfaces must be viewed as a key component of any design measures used. GeoPave from Adbruf is a resin bound aggregate surfacing system which can be used as a component of a SuDS compliant system. GeoPave provides the surface course of a paved area and is free-draining. Of course, for the full paving construction to be considered as SuDS compliant, all the components of the construction must be SuDs compliant. It is only as good as its weakest link. However, such materials are now available in pervious sub-base and asphalt products.

GeoPave is a resin system designed to be used in conjunction with specially selected aggregates in precise proportions to produce visually stunning paved areas for pedestrian or light vehicular traffic. Such areas would typically include heritage sites, estate roads, parking areas, footpaths, cycleways, courtyards, pathways, public parks, pedestrian precincts, office buildings, landscaping schemes, schools, walkways, tree pits, patios, conservatories, gardens, playgrounds, swimming pool surrounds, disabled access ramps, roof terraces and balconies. GeoPave has been proven in use over time and over hundreds of thousands of square metres of surfacing. Using it as part of a resin bound aggregate surfacing system gives you:

  • A beautiful even surface using natural materials
  • A wide range of choices of different aggregates
  • Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) compliance
  • Environmentally friendly, biomass-based resin system containing no harmful chemicals
  • No odour either during or after installation
  • A durable yet flexible and crack resistant surface
  • Easy maintenance
  • A choice of Standard or UV resistant grades (use depends on aggregate blend selected)

*Formerly known as Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems

If you are interested in finding out more about GeoPave, please visit our GeoPave webpage at http://www.adbruf.com/products/geopave-resin-bound.htm or contact us.

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